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Business-Leasing-DonegalBetter For Business is a Utilities CONSULTANCY which sources the best prices on utilities such as Leasing & Business Finance,l Electric, Telephone, EPOS Tills and Debit Card Machines. He will also review your bills every year to ensure that you continue to get the best deal.

Testimonials Galore
Charlies clients all say he is better for business, see his many testimonials from happy clients who all say the same thing and are happy to be featured with Charlie. He uses your usage data to determine the best option for you for each utility. He can also work with start up ventures.

The fact that Charlies does this every year ensures that you continually get the best offer available. And there is no charge to you for any of his services. Plus he manages any customer support issues that might ever have with any provider.

One Stop Shop for all major Utilities – Utility Broker Donegal, Derry, Tyrone …..
Better for Business get the best rates for you for Electric, Telephone, EPOS Tills and Debit Card Machines, so why bother doing your own research, when you have Charlie to do it for you.

About Better for Business Utility Broker Donegal
Better for Business is a utilities broker, who offer the best rates on electricity supplies, EPOS systems, Debit Cards machines, Telephone and Broadband
Charlie looks through your utilities bills and gets you the best rate on each one. He does this for you annually to ensure that you continue to get the best deals available.
Every business can benefit from having a Better for Business review done annually
Better for Business work for their clients to get them the best deals on utilities year after year.
If someone offered you a 10% discount on your overheads every year – what would you say?
Better for Business do it all for you. And there is no charge. They get a fee from the suppliers.

Charlie has been in business for many years and understands how utilities suppliers work. So he is well placed to get the best deal on utilities for his clients.
Better for Business is the only such service in Donegal and one of the few in the North West region. They save tens of thousands of euros every year for hundreds of Donegal and Derry or Tyrone businesses.But they can do it for any business anywhere that uses utilities.
Charlie has a great way about him and explains his offering very well. Plus he is so professional in his approach. He is so dependable that you can rely on him to get in to do a review your utilities suppliers every year.
Call Charlie now on 085 2524902

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