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MEANit Web Design AgencyThe problem with web designers Donegal, Derry and anywhere else.
When you decide to get a new website for your business or you want to improve your web presence – where do you go?
Who can you trust?
Who can speak plain english?
Who will support you?
Who will advise you well?
Who will deliver results?
Who will guarantee it?

Donegal-Websites-DesignersOur website process
We had the same questions, so we had to find out the hard way, who we could trust. But you can learn from our own experience. We eventually found the right Website Designers based in Donegal, but working Nationwide. They met us, learned about our business, worked with us to determine what would be best for us, then they made recommendations, which we loved. The whole process was straight forward, with no BS and no technical jargon. They worked out what we needed, they made a proposal to us, they guaranteed results, then they got to work. They delivered exactly what we agreed on and we have been reaping the benefits since the very first Digital Marketing Donegalmonth.

On our terms – what they had to do
We even said we were not comfortable about paying and praying. Even though we had come to trust them. So we proposed a pay as you go system – they agreed.
We said we did not want any contract – they agreed.
We said we wanted to see results that proved we were benefiting from having the website – they agreed.
We asked them to provide Google Analytics reports to show how the website is performing – they agreed.
We said we want to be able to edit the website ourselves – they agreed.
We said we wanted to own our own domain name – they agreed.
We said we wanted to own our own hosting account – they agreed.
We said we wanted a personalised Charlie@ email address – they agreed.

mobile-friendly-website-design-donegalWhat we had to do
All we had to do was get them the photos and the text to fill the 5 pages – we agreed.

So we were in business and the website was live within a few weeks. Our clients love the new website and so do we.

What are you going to do about your web presence?
Now, you can get the same deal as us. Call me, Charlie, on 085 2524902 to talk about getting your web presence sorted with MEANit Website Designers Donegal and Derry

For us now, looking back, it is all so obvious and so straight forward. And the business is coming in as a result of getting this one thing sorted.


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